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Christopher Rollings, Director
101 New Amwell Road
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Open Door Ministries has performed wedding ceremonies for over 20 years, serving the New Jersey, New York City, Philadelphia area. Our non-denominational ministers serve as professional officiants that perform wedding ceremonies, vow renewals, baptisms, and other life event ceremonies. We officiate at all types of ceremonies including religious, non-denominational, contemporary, gay & lesbian, inter-faith, and multi-lingual (Spanish, Dutch, Hebrew).

wedding heart bells pc image 500 clr• We are legally authorized to perform marriage ceremonies in all 50 states and civil unions in states that allow them.
• All marriages performed by our officiants are valid, legal and legitimate.
• We are an established, long-standing ministry organization recognized by all 50 states. Our credentials were not obtained through mail order or internet “ordination” certificates from churches advertising online.

• Open Door Ministries is a registered, non-denominational ministry organization. For over 20 years, our large staff of officiants has performed thousands of ceremonies. 
• We perform all life event ceremonies and have a large library of ceremonies on file for our couples to choose from.
• We are as multi-cultural and diverse as the couples we serve.

Open Door Ministries was founded in 1981 by Christopher Rollings, an ordained minister (shown in the photo above). In 1985, after graduating from Trinity Theological Seminary in Newburgh, Indiana, he founded a nondenominational church in Bound Brook, New Jersey and began providing personalized, life-event ceremonies to couples who are looking for nondenominational, interfaith, multilingual or an unusual type of ceremony.

Couples choose where they would like their ceremony to be conducted – on the beach, on a boat, in an outdoor setting – wherever you would like. We have conducted wedding ceremonies on live television, radio, and satellite, as well as various New Jersey cable TV programs.

Our staff is well equipped to perform whatever type of ceremony you need. Because we are a group of officiants, we can provide services to multiple couples or families during the same time period. As everyone knows, the warm weather seasons can be a very busy time for weddings. Our experience, professionalism, and caring attitude will sposa gif wedding glitter 20insure that you and your guests enjoy your special day with a ceremony that is unique and meaningful, and conducted the way that you would like it to be. Please contact us today so we can discuss your upcoming celebration!

Open Door Ministries has wedding officiants that perform creative wedding ceremonies in the following locations:

New Jersey 
New York City
Hudson Valley NY
Eastern Pennsylvania

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“All Faiths, All Styles, All Locations”
Address: 101 New Amwell Road. Hillsborough, NJ 08844

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