Children at the Wedding: All, few, or none?

Children at the Wedding: All, few, or none?

Yes, yes, and yes to all the options listed above.  All of these choices are perfectly O.K.  If you are inviting some children but not others, make sure there is a logical reason for doing so such as only inviting children of family members. Many invited couples prefer to leave their children at home or with a sitter during the wedding and reception so they can enjoy the festivities. Some brides and grooms arrange for a kid wrangler/babysitter or two to entertain the younger children during the reception or in a nearby space. Others provide babysitter recommendations if families are staying at a hotel.

If brides and grooms envision a wedding without any children, that’s fine.  Send out the wedding invitations early. Be very clear. Let all guests know that you won’t be inviting the kids. A personal follow-up by phone or in person is best to be sure there are no misunderstandings. With much advance notice invited guests should have enough time to budget and plan for babysitting. You could also have a blurb on your personal wedding website: “We are unable to accommodate children at our wedding. If your children are traveling with you, here are some recommendations for child care…”

When the time comes to address your wedding invitations, the envelopes will reinforce who is being invited. Write only the names of invitees. If no children’s names are on either envelope, then family and friends will see that they are invited without kids. If you do want to include children, write their names below their parents:

Mr. and Mrs. James Allen Smith

Miss Betsy Smith